When it comes to long-term-care planning, some consumers are starting to think short term. People who cant qualify for -- or cant afford -- long-term-care insurance are increasingly turning to short-term-care policies, which offer benefits for up to one year.

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Short-term-care policies have lower premiums and looser underwriting standards than long-term-care policies, making them more accessible to people with health problems. But patients who end up needing extended care will find that these policies are sorely lacking. And short-term-care policies may not cover all the levels of care that a long-term policy would cover. Some short-term policies only cover home care, while others will only pay for care in a facility.

Short-term-care policies, offered by carriers such as MedAmerica, Kemper and Equitable Life Casualty, have been around for years but are gaining renewed attention as long-term-care insurance premiums have climbed sharply in recent years. And wealthier consumers who apply for long-term-care coverage are often declined for age or health reasons.

If something is stolen from your vehicle, say a laptop or some other expensive item, your car insurance will cover the loss, right?

Actually, it wont

Youre going to make that claim with your homeowners or your renters insurance, explains Laura Adams with insuranceQuotes.com.

As strange as that may sound the insurance that covers where you live also covers things stolen outside your home or apartment. (One more benefit of renters insurance.)

Maybe theyre in a storage facility or theyre traveling with you while youre away. All of your belongings are going to be covered, Adams told me.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that theyll pay more for insurance if they have a red car. Adams says thats a myth that just wont go away.

The color or your car does not matter, Adams said. The make and model certainly does, but when it comes to the color, insurance companies are color blind.

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LAS VEGAS (AP) - The Nevada Division of Insurance is asking a state court to place the Nevada Health Co-Op into receivership and appoint the states insurance commissioner to oversee it.

The agency said Friday it filed a petition with the eighth judicial district court in Carson City.

Some graduate students are eligible to receive subsidies from MU to pay for their insurance, according to the MU Office of Graduate Studies website. To get the money, graduate students have to sign up for a student individual health plan provided by Aetna.

Details emerge about Indian Hill fire insurance denial

The insurance company that held the policy on the multi-million dollar mansion that burned down in Indian Hill in 2014 has revealed why it denied the owners' claim.