They are two icons of the British summer - the ice cream van and a cold beer.

But one budding businessman is aiming to bring them together by buying an ice cream van and then converting it into a portable bar.

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Paul Cammack, 28, has launched a crowd-funding campaign for his Alfie's Beer Bus venture, which he believes will make him the first portable vendor in South Wales to offer a range of locally-made artisan beers.

But time is of the essence and Paul's target requires him to raise pound;5,000 by September 19.

Entrepreneur Paul loves beer so much, he brews it at home

Passionate about beer

He said: "I chose to use an ice cream van because they are just so quintessentially British and iconic.

"But Alfie's van will take that traditional idea and then flip it on its head. My project will create a better version of an ice cream van."

He added: "I'm doing it because I'm passionate about beer.

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"I brew my own in my flat and I'm just really interested in it - there is so much you can do with it.

"And there is so much out there, particularly in Cardiff, and I don't think people know enough about it."

Named after Paul's grandfather, Alfie's Beer Bus will offer ales and lagers from all around the region and will be available to hire for parties, weddings and other events.

Pauls sketch of what he wants the van to look like

Its about getting local beer out there

Paul also said he was looking to target the festival scene and added: "I'm looking at getting local beer that has been made not by huge companies but small, independent, artisan, hand-crafted beer.

"I just want to try and help companies get their beer out to the general public and, from what I have researched, I am the only one who is doing it this way."

And he said he was already in discussion with potential partners.

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"I have been in touch with quite a few of the local breweries in Cardiff that I am hoping to work with when it gets up and running."

That stretches to food vendors too and he has spoken to hot dog vendor Drunken Sailor about hosting a possible "dogtober fest" in Cardiff in October.

The locally-based beer Paul has earmarked includes Otley, Pipes, Crafty Devil, and Tiny Rebel.

Paul wants to sell beers like Tiny Rebel

Confident hell hit deadline

He said: "It's going well so far. I have got a lot of support from everyone I have spoken to. They all seem really interested.

"A lot of people have told me they like it because it's something different, it's unique, so it's great to get that positive feedback."

Although he has not received a considerable amount of funding so far Paul is confident he will hit his target by the deadline.

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"I have seen other projects that have asked for double the money I am aiming for and they have been successful," he added.

He has also considered other financial sources aside and is in contact with government support group Business Wales and has meetings set up with them.

Working together with fiancee Holly Smith, 29, Paul hopes the company will be able to launch in late September.

Do you believe in local, artisan hand-crafted beer?

Paul and Holly are both trained actors who met when they both lived in Valencia, teaching English to Spanish pupils, before moving to Cardiff Bay in 2013.

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Since moving Paul has wanted to work in the alcohol industry and he hopes to eventually use the van as a stepping stone to opening his own bar.

He said: "I would just like people to get behind me who believe in local artisan hand-crafted beer who just want to help out.

"I'll be jumping for joy if I reach my target."

To donate visit

FRANKFURT Aug 20 German container shipping group Hapag-Lloyd aims to launch preparations for a stock market flotation in September, earlier than initially planned, four sources familiar with the transaction told Reuters on Thursday.

That would permit the companys shares to trade on the Frankfurt stock exchange as early as October, the financial sources said.

The company originally aimed to list its shares at the end of 2015 or in 2015 after its earnings performed well for several quarters running.

The groups strong earnings performance in the second quarter allowed it to advance its listing plans, the sources said. The company plans to publish second-quarter results next later in August.

In the first quarter, the company swung to a first-quarter profit thanks to the stronger US dollar, lower bunker fuel prices and first effects from its merger with Chilean shipper CSAV.

The company has already picked Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Berenberg to lead the transaction, Reuters reported previously. (Reporting by Alexander Huebner, editing by Thomas Atkins)

Kundasang: Over 800 vegetable sellers here were relieved when the authority cancelled its plan to tear down the row of vegetable stalls located near the Kundasang Town area on Wednesday.

Earlier on, the vegetable sellers here were faced with uncertainties and probably huge loss when informed that the authority would be tearing down their stalls Thursday.

Vegetable sellers in the row of stalls that were erected since Aug 10 have been given notice by the Ranau District Council (MDR) ordering them to empty the area, even though earlier on, they were given the permission by the MDR to assemble stalls there.

Bumiputera Vegetable Wholesalers and Retailers Association Committee Chairlady, Mariana Taliban said all the sellers became restless when the notice was given to them, before they were finally informed of the cancellation.

Thankfully we finally receive the cheerful news from the authority which was represented by the Kundasang Assemblyman, Datuk Dr Joachim Gusalam and MDR Executive Officer, Huil Binua, who came to meet us on Wednesday, she said.

According to her, an agreement which was centred on the win-win solution was finally agreed between the sellers and the authority, enabling the former to carry on with their activities in that location until the new facility is constructed.

This is something that we are very delighted because all the sellers here are villagers from around this area who, as we all know, were victims of the recent earthquake and other natural disasters that happened here.

Everything that were agreed upon during the brief meeting is very much appreciated because, should this row of stalls were shut down or demolished, then our financial sources for our families will also vanish.

The stalls we have erected here are also through our own effort and hard earned money. If it were to be torn down, then we will suffer further losses.

We will take care of the cleanliness of this area until the building of the new facility soon, said Mariana.

KUALA LUMPUR: Sacked Umno Batu Kawan division vice-chairman Khairuddin Abu Hassan lodged several police reports in Hong Kong on August 30 against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Penangite and businessman Jho Low.

He lamented that he had lost faith in investigations conducted in Malaysia by the police, Bank Negara and the Attorney- General. "Ghostly hands, by remote control, have interfered with these investigations."

He vowed that when the government in Putrajaya changes hands in the near future, before GE14 in 2018, the officials in these investigating bodies complicit with Najib on covering up wrongdoing in 1MDB "would pay for their misdeeds".

"These are traitors to the people, God and the country."

Briefly, the police reports in two sets requested the Hong Kong authorities to investigate what transactions, if any, between three companies owned by Jho Low and family had with 1MDB which has reportedly accumulated debts totaling RM42 billion at last count within five years.

Four other companies are also suspect, added Khairuddin, because Najib is a signatory here and the accounts of the companies show that a total of RM1.125 billion has been kept at the Hong Kong branch of Credit Suisse. "I have requested the Hong Kong police to conduct comprehensive and detailed investigations on the financial sources of the companies concerned and their transactions."

"I requested the authorities concerned to investigate Alliance Assets International Ltd; Cityfield Enterprises Ltd; Bartingale International Ltd; Wonder Quest Investments Ltd. All these companies have Najib as the signatory."

Khairuddin, at the same time, also lodged another set of police reports on Jynwell Capital (HK); Jynwell Charitable Foundation; and Strategic Resources (Global Ltd), all owned by Jho Low and family.

The rebel Umno Chief explained that he lodged the police reports in Hong Kong because he wants the authorities concerned abroad to conduct comprehensive and detailed investigations on wrongdoing by parties in Malaysia. "These authorities will be able to launch such investigations away from Najib's interference and meddling. The focus is on 1MDB and to help bring the suspects involved to justice."

DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke says Umno leaders should not try to abuse Islam and turn a RM2.6 billion 'donation' halal. - The Malaysian Insider file pic, August 22, 2015.DAP has rubbished claims that it is funded by the Jews, as alleged today by an Umno deputy minister who defended the RM2.6 billion donation to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Anthony Loke, who is DAP national organising secretary, said Umno leaders should not misuse the name of Islam to make halal the money credited into Najibs accounts.

Umno leaders seem not ashamed to misuse the name of Islam and to defend Islam to make halal the money, he said in a statement today.

Do they not at all care about the truth just because they want to defend something that is clearly a breach of trust for the sake of their own political careers?

Earlier today, Umno division leader Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said the Middle-Eastern donor, who gave US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) to Najib, made the contribution so that Umno could fight DAP, which is funded by the Jews, during the 2013 general election.

The Sri Gading Umno chief said the donor feared that through DAP, Jewish influences would permeate the country and destroy the Islamic government led by Barisan Nasional (BN).

If we had lost, DAP would be in power. DAP with its Jewish funding would control this country. Based on that, our Muslim friends in the Middle East could see the Jewish threat through DAP, said Aziz, who is also deputy transport minister.

If it reached the Islamic government, it would be overthrown, and that would destroy the Islamic struggle throughout the world. Because Najib is seen as a great Muslim leader in this region.

Azizs claims come about a week after Kuantan Umno division leader Wan Adnan Wan Mamat said the RM2.6 billion was donated to Najib by Saudi Arabia in appreciation for fighting Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) militants.

Loke, who is Seremban MP, asked if the Umno leaders how stupid they appeared and that they knew no bounds in their race to save and defend Najib.

I dont care if Umno leaders want to show their stupidity but do not fool the rakyat and think that Malaysians have no brains to think, he added.

He said if what Aziz had said was true, the matter would have been exposed during the GE13 campaign period by Umno propagandists to destroy DAP and not revealed some 27 months later.

For the record, DAP only faced Umno in two parliamentary seats -Gelang Patah in Johor and Sepanggar in Sabah in GE13. 

Did Umno need RM2.6 billion to fight DAP in those two parliamentary seats? Altogether, DAP had contested in 51 out of 222 seats. Even if DAP had won all 51, there was no way we could have formed the government on our own, Loke said.

He also urged former Johor menteri besar Tan Sri Ghani Othman, who lost to DAPs Lim Kit Siang in the Gelang Patah seat, to confirm whether the funds Najib received was used in the constituency to fight the DAP stalwart.

Or did he not receive any help from Najib, leading to Umno being defeated by DAP in Gelang Patah?

I would like to stress again that DAP had never received any funding from any financial sources. Despite the efforts by Umno leaders to distract the peoples attention (with these allegations), the RM2.6 billion issue will continue to haunt Najib and Umno, now and forever.

Najib has come under fire over the RM2.6 billion from both the opposition and within his own party, especially his former deputy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, whom he axed from the Cabinet late last month. 

Allegations of RM2.6 billion in Najibs accounts first surfaced in a report by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on July 2, citing documents from Malaysian investigators. 

WSJ said the source of the funds was unknown, but came through 1Malaysia Development Bhd-linked entities in various tranches, the largest of which - US$681 million - was channelled into Najibs accounts in March 2013, ahead of GE13 in May. - August 22, 2015.