If you've noticed more craft breweries are popping up all over the Michiana area, youre not wrong.

Its not just for a weekend getaway anymore. These breweries are right here in the South Bend and Mishawaka area and theyve become a tourist attraction for the community.

Breweries like South Bend Brew Werks, Evil Czech and Crooked Ewe have attracted people since the day they opened.

The Brewers Association, the trade industry group for craft beer, says Craft Brewing Industry Contributed $55.7 billion to the US Economy in 2014, more than 424,000 jobs.

One of our local breweries, Evil Czech Brewery, is on pace to do $4 million this year alone.

St. Joe County officials say were following the trend of breweries.

They say breweries are making a positive impact on the economy through brewery tours and positive talk around town.

Officials also say they've been a popular attraction and brought in tourists from around the area-- even offering weekend tours that breweries like South Bend Brew Werks are a part of.

People want to go and try these microbreweries and really get a feel for the communities there," said Lindsey Horner of Visit South Bend Mishawaka. "And weve seen such a boom and its really exciting because it sort of puts us on the map with those communities that are making a name for themselves in the brewery scene for sure.

Some micro-breweries say people now want a richer taste in beer and want the freedom to experiment with different flavors-- places like Evil Czech allow them to do so.

People seem to enjoy the overall experience and atmosphere that micro-breweries have to offer, which makes them even more of an attraction.

Brewery owners say its not only that the customers want a more flavorful and high quality beer too.

Evil Czech managers say it's the unique experience you get that goes along with sipping beer that makes these breweries so popular.

We call ourselves a public house. We love the fact that at one table you have a group of businessmen and the next table if a bunch of college kids and the next table over there you got girls night out and everyone gets along in here and craft beer brings everyone together," said Evil Czech General Manager, Dan Walker.

The Brewers Association defines craft breweries as ones that are small, independent and traditional.

The Association also says they brew about 6 million barrels annually.