Were just 11 weeks from Christmas, have you hit the stores yet?

If so, youll want to know how safe those purchases are and with new requirements for debit and credit cards coming out weve got you covered.

If youre someone who uses their debit card most of the time, this story may have you reaching for your credit card instead.

With identity theft at an all-time high, some financial advisers say a credit card is a safer option if your identity is stolen.

Sometimes it makes you wish you had never done computers or cards, it harder to get your information then, said Rita Langhans.

When Langhans found out she wasvictim to identity theft, she changed the way she shopped.

I would just rather use cash, Ill use Visa whenever I have to, she said.

Langhans is part of the 13 million Americans whose identity was stolen in 2014.

The crime has skyrocketed over the last decade, surpassing drug trafficking in the USand the headache that comes with having your identity stolencouldbe avoided by switching out your usual method of payment.

Financial Advisor Tyler Cuba saidwhile a debit card and a credit card may look similar in the palm of your hand,if they get hacked or stolen, the wayyour account is treated is very different.

A credit card has a maximum liability of $50 no matter how large the charge might be. On a debit card, depending on when you report the fraudulentpurchase, makes a difference on the amount of liability that you actually have, said Cuba.

Tyler saidif you report a fraudulent charge on a credit card, the amount is almost immediately refunded.

But Cuba saidsome should be hesitant about embracing credit if you dont actively check your statements.

If you are not actively monitoring your accounts whether it be a credit card or checking account, savings account and you let a fraudulent purchaseexceed a certain period of time you have maximum liability of the amount of money that was taken, he said.

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